Connect 2 Health Patient Testimonials


Dr. Amber does a great job.

Diana V

Dr. Amber does a great job.

Ms. Patricia is always there smiling and ready to greet you by name when you walk in. They’re also really flexible with your busy schedule. Highly recommend this place.


Take your baby here if she or he has torticolis.

Suhyun An

Take your baby here if she or he has torticolis. Dr amber will fix it up.


After 6 months with Dr. Amber I can say that there has been a huge change to not only my pain being almost entirely gone to my sleeping habits drastically improving.

Jamie Morse

I began my C2H journey with no knowledge of chiropractic health and ongoing lower back pain that I had suffered from since I threw my back out at age 24. After 6 months with Dr. Amber I can say that there has been a huge change to not only my pain being almost entirely gone to my sleeping habits drastically improving. I highly recommend and believe in not rely on chiropractic wellness now. Thank you both staff and Dr Amber for the continuous great service, stellar care, and improvement of health.


Before coming to Dr. Amber I was experiencing severe headaches and pain behind my neck.

Tonya J.

Before coming to Dr. Amber I was experiencing severe headaches and pain behind my neck. After starting my treatment sessions with Dr. Amber, I no longer experience such pain! If you suffer from head, neck, and back pain I encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Amber! You will be glad you did for I know I am.

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Dr. Amber has a servant’s heart!

Ginger O.

Dr. Amber has a servant’s heart. She's awesome! And I have the proof! While pregnant with my 4th baby, I suffered with horrible back pain. After I gave birth, the symptoms continued. Breastfeeding and washing dishes were difficult to do with the intense pain. So, I was referred to Dr. Amber 5 weeks post-partum. I started to see results within the first couple of weeks! I was able to breastfeed, take care of my daily chores, play with my kids, and live a

Normal life again, all without pain! 10 months later, I have discovered even more benefits from chiropractic care. (Weight loss, more energy, improved digestive system, less allergies, decreased anxiety and stress.) Too bad I didn't learn about chiropractic sooner! Dr. Amber said, "I do the adjustment, and the power that is in you does the healing."

Thank you Dr. Amber! May God continue to bless you!

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We very rarely need medical care because the kids stay "powered up".

Ashley M.

We firmly believe in the power of regular chiropractic care to keep us healthy. My kids and I have been seeing Dr. Amber every two weeks for over six years. When we first started, our second child was just over a year old. She and her older brother both had colic as babies. Our next three babies all started seeing Dr. Amber when they were just a day or two old, and none of them had colic. They were all very happy, healthy babies. We very rarely need medical care because the kids stay "powered up" with regular chiropractic care. We love Dr. Amber!


I would recommend that anyone in need of Chiropractic care see Dr. Amber Smith.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Amber Smith since she graduated Chiropractic College 9 years ago. Prior to that, I saw several other Chiropractors for a chronic neck problem. Dr. Amber is an excellent chiropractor and a believer in the art of chiropractic. Her adjustments have kept my neck problem in check and I have had no issues for years. She has a gentile touch and does good work for her patients. She has an excellent bedside manner and believes in bringing harmony to the office and her patients as part of their treatment. She has also helped keep my daughter's spine in check and straight even while she is carrying a backpack to school that weighs half what she does. I would recommend that anyone in need of Chiropractic care see Dr. Amber Smith." - HL

Joseph Pena.jpg

Thanks Dr. Amber, this has been a life changing experience for my son and for me!!!

Joey has never been a child that napped or slept though the night. He wakes 8-10 times a night and has trouble falling back to sleep. We were referred

to Dr. Amber by my sister and we decided to give it a try. The night after Joey's first adjustment, he slept through the entire night, not waking even once. We have continued coming to see Dr Amber and he is sleeping soundly

every night. Along with the change in his sleeping habits, he has been receiving better conduct marks at school and daycare plus Joey seems more confident, less anxious and better natured. Thanks Dr. Amber, this has been a life changing experience for my son and for me!!!

~Laura H.


"I have more energy now than I have had for years!"

Ten months ago I first came to Dr. Smith with pain in my left shoulder that I had suffered with for many years. I also have Multiple Sclerosis and have had different neurological/nerve issues throughout the years. Prior to coming to Dr. Smith, I had only dealt with neurologists for these issues. As part of her Teacher Appreciation outreach, Dr. Smith came to our school around Christmas time last year to give us massages and educate us on the importance of chiropractic care. I am so glad she visited our school! Once I came in for treatment, my shoulder pain has pretty much disappeared except occasionally under higher stress times. I have more energy now than I have had for years! Dr. Smith is a caring, fabulous person!

~Tracy A.


"The difference of what I feel like night and day."

I came to Dr Amber's office around September 2010. I had very severe neck pain due to Shingles which had been diagnosed in August 2010. I also came to find out I had a dislocated vertebrae and osteoporosis on the spine by the neck area. I had, however, been in severe pain since July of 2010. Ever since July I have had several health issues.

I had gone to several ER's as well as physicians who prescribed several drugs and antibiotics which only caused me to have other health issues as well. It wasn't until I came to know about Dr. Amber that I am now able to function much better on a day to day basis unlike before. The pain has subsided drastically and my well-being has improved without the use of medication.

Dr. Amber and her staff are always very helpful and kind, not to mention the understanding and compassion to what I was going through at the time. No matter what day or time I need to see her, she is always there for me. The way Dr. Amber and her staff have attended to my needs have always been the same. The overall treatment and concern is one of a kind which one...


"I feel like I have been given my life back"

Dr. Amber came to our school and I met her and I started coming here a little less than a year. I feel like I have been given my life back. I have fibromyalgia and have had it for over 10+ years. The severity was off the charts, from severe muscle cramping and pain, al over body pain, jaw pain, headaches, to severe fatigue. I had went to a neurologist to help me sleep and he put me on a c-pap machine which helped me with my sleeping problem. I do not use my machine anymore becuase it causes severe mouth dryness and caused me to have gum issues. I had to have surgery on my gums due to this. I've been to numerous doctors and take a lot of medications that has helped but since I started coming here, I feel a definite difference in my physical well being as well as my mental well being My body has relaxed, I am able to sleep better and I immediately feel better when after I leave the office (had an adjustment). The only way to describe it is that, my system has been awakened.

I think better, my body hurts less and I feel that I am "truly cared about." I have less tension in my...


"There is no one else I would trust to treat my children"

I started coming to Connect 2 Health to see Dr. Amber Smith in January of 2008. I found her on the ICPA website and choose her because she specializes in children and pregnancy. I was pregnant and looking for a chiropractor to help me with my back problems through my pregnancy, and also wanting someone comfortable for my 4 year old son to be treated by. Dr. Amber has been incredible for us both and is treating my infant. My 4 year old loves her and she makes it pleasant and fun for him to come to the office and get adjusted. There is no one else I would trust to treat both my children and especially my infant.

I have been to a number of chiropractors in my life (too many to count) looking for help with my recurrent back problems. I'm convinced that my lower back pain and pelvis alignment issues contributed to my first child being breach, requiring me to have a c-section. Dr. Amber Helped me throughout my pregnancy to avoid these issues, allowing me to have a normal delivery and much better recovery-not to mention feeling better during pregnancy.

Dr. Amber has also...


"The Change was dynamic..."

Last Christmas, I met with a friend who had been seeing Dr. Amber for a few months. She was alive, vibrant and very happy. Not having seen her for a few months, the change was dynamic - from overweight and sullen to excited with a new zeal for life. The transformation to health was amazing. A few days later, I came to see Dr. Amber and started a plan for myself. My goal-if she would support me- was to get off my dependence for antidepressant medications. Dr. Amber had greater goals for me....she learned I used to run, but no longer do since I experienced lower back pain. Within 3 months, I was off my medications and within 7 months. I was running 5 miles 3 times a week! I will do my first 13.1 this fall! And if that wasn't enough life change...She is expertly skilled with kids and has helped my 2 toddlers to balance their emotions and sleep consistently again with minor, "fun" adjustments. Thank you Dr. Amber and you all at Connect 2 Health!

~Jillyn J.

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"I cried every time I jumped into the car or on sofa."

My name is Chrissy (the German Shepherd). I went with my dad to a World War II even and hurt my shoulder. I cried every time I jumped into the car or onto the sofa. At the same time I started having problems with itching and allergies. My mom was seeing Dr. Amber and asked her if she could help me. Dr. Amber adjusted my back and I felt a lot better. I have been coming once a week for adjustments and now my shoulder and my allergies are much better. I am sleeping better at night. I am enjoying my favorite pass time of chasing horses and going with my dad to World War II events. I insist on coming once a week and will talk until I get to come and see Dr. Amber and all the nice people at Connect 2 Health Wellness Center.

~ Chrissy J.


"I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure."

In the spring of 2012, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. It was strange for me because I exercise seven days a week. With the high blood pressure, I was getting frequent headaches. I thought all these signs were OLD-AGE Syndrome. In March 2012, I started my treatment with Dr. Amber Smith, and my new life begun. With the frequent visit, my blood pressure is normal and my headaches are gone. In the past, I struggled with anxiety, but now I have a peaceful mind-frame. Dr. Amber is an extraordinary person. She uses her Christian values to help patients. The staff members are awesome. They always greet with a smile. It feels like home at Connect 2 Health. I pray that God will guide this organization to greatness.

Thank you, Dr. Amber and Staff Members.

~Marcus J.


Pregnancy Testimonials

"After a short few adjustments about 3 the pain was completely gone."

I began seeing Dr. Amber quite late in my pregnancy (around 36 weeks). I was having severe lower back pain, especially on the left, which was preventing me from walking or even standing without strain and discomfort. I had lower back pain (mainly to the left side). It was debilitating, keeping me even from going into work some days. It began during my fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and became consistent around week 34 or 35. It was very severe and likely caused by being on my feet so much as well as changes in hormones, which cause the relaxing of joints and increased pressure on the pelvic floor. My CNM at Nativity Birthing Center highly recommended Dr. Amber and the staff at Connect 2 Health. After a short few adjustments about 3 the pain was completely gone. I could not believe it! Many pregnant women believe pregnancy (especially the third trimester) comes with expected aching in the pregnant woman’s back, pelvis and hips, but this pain is not necessary. Especially if one is expecting to endure a natural labor, it is important to enter that time as free form pain as...


"She is compassionate and understanding and puts your needs above everything else."

I’m PREGNANT! My body needs to be in alignment for the birth of our upcoming bundle of joy! I asked my midwife to recommend a chiropractor that was great dealing with pregnant women before and after birth. I stressed that when it came to chiropractors that previously I didn’t have the “best” experience, and I am very picky and skeptical on finding a new one. However, I knew that I needed to find one.She recommended Dr. Amber Smith at Connect 2 Health and told me that she was great with new moms and babies and would even come to the birthing center after the birth to check out not only me but the baby. I called the next day for an appointment.My first visit was great! Everyone was so nice and sincere! I spoke with Dr. Amber regarding my past experience and my current concerns with my body and the new baby. She addressed all my concerns and we started my “adjustments,” which was desperately needed. My sacrum initially was tilted a little, which could have been an issue for the baby coming down the birth canal and caused more pain than it should have. I went twice a week, and at...


"I had to see Dr. Amber because of her extensive training and experience with prenatal chiropractic care."

During my 17th week of pregnancy, I developed pelvic pain that quickly became debilitating. Three weeks later I was in my OB’s office on crutches. They told me it was “normal pregnancy pain” and I would just have to tough it out. I was the maid of honor in my sister’s upcoming wedding and I was devastated that I might have to make the trip down the aisle in a wheelchair. In desperation, I scoured the internet for alternate forms of treatment and found that chiropractic adjustments seemed to have favorable results. I was a skeptic who lumped chiropractic, meditation and yoga into the same “doesn’t help, but can’t hurt” category. After researching online, I decided the pain was so bad that I had to see Dr. Amber because of her extensive training and experience with prenatal chiropractic care. I drove an hour and a half to see Dr. Amber and it was worth the trip. Within 3 visits, I was walking on my own and virtually pain-free. Last week I preceded my beautiful sister down the aisle and danced the night away at the reception. I am so glad I found Dr. Amber and Connect 2 Health and...


"If you want the whole package in a family wellness consultant, Dr. Amber Smith is your choice."

On top of being highly skilled and knowledgeable of the least-intrusive routes towards wellness, she is upbeat, positive and caring. As a home birthing mother, I was impressed with Dr. Smith’s support and respect of the natural birth process. She came to my home postpartum and adjusted my newborn baby girl. Not only does she skillfully adjust women in delicate conditions specific to the needs of a pregnancy, but my newborn didn’t even wake up during her examination and adjustment. With her calm and supportive demeanor, she makes an excellent addition to a birth team. While she was not there for the actual labor and delivery of my baby, I enjoyed sharing the pregnancy and birth with someone who supported my plans.I met her midway through my fourth pregnancy and started corrective chiropractic care. I wasn’t convinced, but I took her advice on the amount of appointments for adjustments per week . She made a believer out of me. The many visits helped to stabilize and hold the adjustments she made in the flexible joints of a pregnant woman. Not only did the care ease the stress of...


Kids Speak Out

"...we saw results just after 3 adjustments."

My daughter is 3 ½ almost 4 years old. She has been suffering with allergies (snotty nose, cough, watery eyes, green mucus) since she was 8 months old. Unfortunately, I did not know about Dr. Amber until about 2 months ago. She is in her 3rd set of tubes in her ears and has taken numerous amounts of antibiotics. After all of this, one day I met one of Dr. Amber’s existing clients. She recommended Dr. Amber and we saw results just after 3 adjustments. It was amazing. Thanks Dr. Amber, you are truly a blessing to our family!

Lorie M.


"Dr. Amber fixed my mommy!"

My mommy and I first saw Dr. Amber when I was four months old. Now, I’m almost nine months old. My mommy said that she needed to see a doctor because she always had pain in her neck. On most days, it would give her a headache. I know that my mommy didn’t feel well, so I’m glad that she found someone to take care of her. Dr. Amber fixed my mommy! All of the pain and headaches have gone away. Now, my mommy has so much more energy and can play with me all day. It’s wonderful!Dr. Amber helped me too! I come to all of the visits with my mommy. On some days, Dr. Amber gives me a little baby adjustment. It feels good and is good for me. Dr. Amber says that it will help me grow up to be big and strong and HEALTHY! On days when I don’t get a baby massage, I get to spend time with Miss Wendy and Miss Christina. They are wonderful too!Thank you, Dr. Amber, for helping my mommy so much!


William H.


"Our little girl's ear infection cleared after a few adjustments..."

We started seeing Dr. Amber when out newborn presented with an ear infection and torticollis at five weeks of age. Our little girl's ear infection cleared after a few adjustments, and that was after a round of antibiotics had failed. We've also seen dramatic improvement in Anabeth's neck movement! Her head sits much straighter and she is not able to move her head towards the left. We'd highly recommend Dr. Amber!

Thank you for all your help and allowing the Lord to use you to heal!

Lisa T.