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"I cried every time I jumped into the car or on sofa."

My name is Chrissy (the German Shepherd). I went with my dad to a World War II even and hurt my shoulder. I cried every time I jumped into the car or onto the sofa. At the same time I started having problems with itching and allergies. My mom was seeing Dr. Amber and asked her if she could help me. Dr. Amber adjusted my back and I felt a lot better. I have been coming once a week for adjustments and now my shoulder and my allergies are much better. I am sleeping better at night. I am enjoying my favorite pass time of chasing horses and going with my dad to World War II events. I insist on coming once a week and will talk until I get to come and see Dr. Amber and all the nice people at Connect 2 Health Wellness Center.

~ Chrissy J.