"After a short few adjustments about 3 the pain was completely gone."

I began seeing Dr. Amber quite late in my pregnancy (around 36 weeks). I was having severe lower back pain, especially on the left, which was preventing me from walking or even standing without strain and discomfort. I had lower back pain (mainly to the left side). It was debilitating, keeping me even from going into work some days. It began during my fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and became consistent around week 34 or 35. It was very severe and likely caused by being on my feet so much as well as changes in hormones, which cause the relaxing of joints and increased pressure on the pelvic floor. My CNM at Nativity Birthing Center highly recommended Dr. Amber and the staff at Connect 2 Health. After a short few adjustments about 3 the pain was completely gone. I could not believe it! Many pregnant women believe pregnancy (especially the third trimester) comes with expected aching in the pregnant woman’s back, pelvis and hips, but this pain is not necessary. Especially if one is expecting to endure a natural labor, it is important to enter that time as free form pain as possible. I am grateful the LORD has given such wisdom to my CNM for recommending me, as well as Dr. Amber for her encouragement and skill. This relief has been truly a miracle to me!

-Candice M.