Your First Visit


Infants and kids

The average child has 1,000 spinal traumas and before they are 13 years old. This is why it is so important for you to bring them in to help “keep everything in line”. Unlike adults, children are constantly going through growth spurts and minor injuries. We usually don’t really pay attention to all the falls and bumps but they can affect the balance of the spine and ultimately the health of your child.

At Connect-2-Health Dr. Amber goes the extra mile to give you the best care for your children. We start by taking a detailed history to find out what activities your children may have done or are currently doing. This really helps paint a clear picture as to how exactly they might be out of alignment and why. Even details from the birth process and pregnancy are helpful.

The second part of a new pediatric patient that sets us apart from many Chiropractors is our use of InSight Subluxation Station Technology. This state of the art chiropractic tool narrows into exactly where your child is subluxated. The thermal scan along the hands on exam and posture evaluation by Dr. Amber allows for best care.

After all that it’s time for the adjustment! Dr. Amber will talk to you all and walk you through the adjustment. The adjustments are quick and gentle. After just a couple your children will be asking you: “when can we go to the chiropractor”, and jumping right up onto the table when they get here.


Pregnancy is a wonderful time for soon a new life will enter the world and join a loving family. That is not to say though there won’t be any speedbumps along the way! As we all know, there is very little a mother can do or take during this period to relieve any pain or other symptoms commonly associated with pregnancy, but there is a solution. Chiropractic is a great way to make sure both you and your baby enjoy the whole pregnancy with a balanced pelvis and spine.

First thing we do when you come into Connect 2 Health is take a thorough history of how the pregnancy is going so far. We also get information about possible past pregnancies or injuries to help diagnose what could be going on. We also do a complete computerized thermal scan of the spine that helps us isolate areas that Dr. Amber needs to adjust. This allows you to get the best possible results. The equipment is called InSight subluxation Technology and is able to check for any heat and muscle spasms. The Insight technology just reads muscles and heat from the skin and is safe for pregnancy and we also use on the babies.

After we do all the exam it is time for the hands on evaluation by Dr. Amber. She will review all the data collected, perform a hands-on evaluation and then the proper adjustment for your body will be given. Dr. Amber is trained in the Webster technique and has been specially trained to adjust pregnant women and ensure that you are in the safest hands possible.


When you come for that first visit it is very important that we try and find out what the actual root of your problem is. We will go through your complete history and create an accurate picture as to what the main underlying reasons for your health concerns. We will conduct a couple of exams starting with a set of digital x-rays. The x-rays will give Dr. Amber a real clear picture of the actual orientation of each and every bone in your spine and it is this that allows her to be specific in her care. We strive to focus exactly on where the problem is getting you the best possible results.

After the x-rays we will also do a posture exam and pictures this will also help us get a full and well-rounded picture of what state your back is in. We use InSight Subluxation Station Technology to take a thermal and muscular reading along your spine. Dr. Amber will need time after patient hours to look everything over and determine if you have Subluxations and if we can help you in our office. This is why we will have you schedule your first adjustment date when you come in for your first appointment. We want to make sure that we know exactly what is wrong and deliver you the best care, so call us and schedule your Exam today!