"The Change was dynamic..."

Last Christmas, I met with a friend who had been seeing Dr. Amber for a few months. She was alive, vibrant and very happy. Not having seen her for a few months, the change was dynamic - from overweight and sullen to excited with a new zeal for life. The transformation to health was amazing. A few days later, I came to see Dr. Amber and started a plan for myself. My goal-if she would support me- was to get off my dependence for antidepressant medications. Dr. Amber had greater goals for me....she learned I used to run, but no longer do since I experienced lower back pain. Within 3 months, I was off my medications and within 7 months. I was running 5 miles 3 times a week! I will do my first 13.1 this fall! And if that wasn't enough life change...She is expertly skilled with kids and has helped my 2 toddlers to balance their emotions and sleep consistently again with minor, "fun" adjustments. Thank you Dr. Amber and you all at Connect 2 Health!

~Jillyn J.