"I had to see Dr. Amber because of her extensive training and experience with prenatal chiropractic care."

During my 17th week of pregnancy, I developed pelvic pain that quickly became debilitating. Three weeks later I was in my OB’s office on crutches. They told me it was “normal pregnancy pain” and I would just have to tough it out. I was the maid of honor in my sister’s upcoming wedding and I was devastated that I might have to make the trip down the aisle in a wheelchair. In desperation, I scoured the internet for alternate forms of treatment and found that chiropractic adjustments seemed to have favorable results. I was a skeptic who lumped chiropractic, meditation and yoga into the same “doesn’t help, but can’t hurt” category. After researching online, I decided the pain was so bad that I had to see Dr. Amber because of her extensive training and experience with prenatal chiropractic care. I drove an hour and a half to see Dr. Amber and it was worth the trip. Within 3 visits, I was walking on my own and virtually pain-free. Last week I preceded my beautiful sister down the aisle and danced the night away at the reception. I am so glad I found Dr. Amber and Connect 2 Health and encourage any woman who is being told by her physician that nothing can be done to take my advice and stop living with unnecessary pain.

-Sara W

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Ryleigh says happy Friday! We are open tomorrow, Saturday from 9-12, come by and get your adjustment. And remember next week we have different hours due to my seminar schedule. *******Next week we are open Monday&Tuesday 830-12 3-6 , Wednesday 830-2 and we will reopen Wednesday May 30th *****