Phases of Chiropractic Care

Intensive Care

Chiropractic is a lifelong journey meant to be part of a healthy and problem free lifestyle and the first step of that journey begins with the intensive care phase. This is when your doctor of chiropractic identifies the main underlying problem that is ailing you. Usually you will come in more during this phase in order to really affect change on areas that can be “stuck in their ways” so to say. Think of it like something that’s been in the same place for years and years finally being forced to move. Of course it does not want to be in the new or “correct” place and those extra visits help make sure your adjustments are holding, and if they aren’t, then to realign your spine to aid in the retraining of your body.

Corrective Care

After the initial intensive care phase, the main problems that you initially came seeking relief for begin to fade away. Your body is now starting to feel better and inflammation and tight muscles start to diminish. The frequency of your visits will start to decrease now that your body is starting to hold better after adjustments. This is still an important time because without prudence it is easy to regress and then need to start again with intensive care if your main problems resurface.

Wellness Care

This is the final phase and they place we all hope to be all the time. Just like the dentist, it is very important to constantly maintain your spine. Pain never rests and any day it is possible to “knock” yourself out of alignment. That is why it is important to keep visiting your doctor of chiropractic even if just to say hi! During this phase you will only need to visit a couple of times a month as hopefully no serious issues will have had time to develop. Just remember, throughout life it’s easy to get knocked down and it’s important to just pick yourself up………and visit your chiropractor!