"If you want the whole package in a family wellness consultant, Dr. Amber Smith is your choice."

On top of being highly skilled and knowledgeable of the least-intrusive routes towards wellness, she is upbeat, positive and caring. As a home birthing mother, I was impressed with Dr. Smith’s support and respect of the natural birth process. She came to my home postpartum and adjusted my newborn baby girl. Not only does she skillfully adjust women in delicate conditions specific to the needs of a pregnancy, but my newborn didn’t even wake up during her examination and adjustment. With her calm and supportive demeanor, she makes an excellent addition to a birth team. While she was not there for the actual labor and delivery of my baby, I enjoyed sharing the pregnancy and birth with someone who supported my plans.I met her midway through my fourth pregnancy and started corrective chiropractic care. I wasn’t convinced, but I took her advice on the amount of appointments for adjustments per week . She made a believer out of me. The many visits helped to stabilize and hold the adjustments she made in the flexible joints of a pregnant woman. Not only did the care ease the stress of pregnancy on my body, but I believe it gave me more clarity with managing my labor and delivery. I noticed a huge difference in the way my body handled the hormonal and mental stress in labor and while giving birth. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. With each of my prior pregnancies, I had experienced very intense postpartum depression. Each time, I was highly sensitive to sound, light, and temperature. I would cry endlessly and lash out. I felt so overwhelmed by my life that I was not able to enjoy my newborn and family. I could not emotionally handle dealing with small stresses. I tried different things with each baby to resolve this, but I still experienced it, until this last one. I recovered so much more easily from childbirth physically, and I felt no different hormonally and emotionally than I did before I had even become pregnant. It was the most wonderful postpartum period I have had out of four pregnancies, and this was the only one I had enjoyed chiropractic adjustments .Dr. Smith has options that support those hurting financially. My family was hit by the economic strain of job layoffs after we had begun treatments. We were able to work out a payment option that was reasonable and manageable. Prenatal and postpartum care at Connect 2 Health was worth every penny.

-Heather J.