"Dr. Amber fixed my mommy!"

My mommy and I first saw Dr. Amber when I was four months old. Now, I’m almost nine months old. My mommy said that she needed to see a doctor because she always had pain in her neck. On most days, it would give her a headache. I know that my mommy didn’t feel well, so I’m glad that she found someone to take care of her. Dr. Amber fixed my mommy! All of the pain and headaches have gone away. Now, my mommy has so much more energy and can play with me all day. It’s wonderful!Dr. Amber helped me too! I come to all of the visits with my mommy. On some days, Dr. Amber gives me a little baby adjustment. It feels good and is good for me. Dr. Amber says that it will help me grow up to be big and strong and HEALTHY! On days when I don’t get a baby massage, I get to spend time with Miss Wendy and Miss Christina. They are wonderful too!Thank you, Dr. Amber, for helping my mommy so much!


William H.