Common Questions


Common Questions

1) What is an Adjustment?

The Chiropractic adjustment is a specific gentle movement done by hand. The Doctor of Chiropractic has done extensive training in identifying where and when the bones in the spine are misaligned (Subluxation) and how to restore balance through the Chiropractic adjustment.

2) Does it hurt?

The technique used by Dr. Amber is gentle and patients report feeling immediate relief and increase in range of motion. So NO the adjustments do not hurt but you do hear a “cracking” noise during some adjustments. Sometimes as the muscles are learning the correct positioning you can have “retracing” where some muscle soreness is part of healing process. Every patient is different and the Doctor will be able to help you feel comfortable every step of the way with your First Adjustment and any other questions you may have.

3) What is the “cracking noise” I hear?

The actual noise heard is not the bone cracking as many people believe. The noise is the exchange of CO2 bubbles that allow the disc (Cushion between the bones) to push out waste product and flush in nutrition. The CO2 bubbles make the noise not the bones of the spine.

4) Why do we need to take X-rays?

The doctor prefers Adults to have a set of X-rays so that she can evaluate and make the most specific adjustment for the patient. She has found the X-rays help as a diagnostic tool and help patients get results quicker. Our office has the state of the art digital X-ray unit with industry low on radiation for patients with concerns on radiation. We also have the computerized spinal scans for patients that can’t do X-rays or just prefer not to. Our goal is to get you healthier so we have many options for locating and correcting the Subluxations in your spine.

5) How old does my child or baby need to be to start getting adjusted?

Dr. Amber recommends to have the babies checked as soon after birth as possible, the birth process can be quite hard on the little ones. The doctor has always been passionate about having babies checked right away. She even offers a home visit to new babies at no charge for her prenatal patients that received care during pregnancy. The sooner your child has a balanced spine the better. So call today and have your kids checked for Subluxations.

6) Will my baby make “popping” noises like I do?

The infant spine is very different than the adult spine. The adjustments for the infants are gentle finger pressure adjustments and most times the baby stays sleeping. There is no noise made with the infant adjustments and you can rest assured that Dr. Amber has the softest touch and biggest heart for the little ones.

7) How soon after I give birth can I start getting adjusted?

The sooner the better since your body goes through a lot with the birth process. We do modified adjustments as needed depending on how the mom is doing after delivery. Our C-section moms we usually wait 6-8 weeks to work on the lower back from surgery but can work on upper body and use adjusting tool until the body is able to have a full adjustment. Dr. Amber is very knowledgeable and careful to make sure you are comfortable and your body recovers from the birthing process.

8) Why don’t you get in networks for insurance?

The answer is simple, the cost of using insurance and the coverage limits does not usually benefit the patients. The doctor has found that by having cost similar or lower than co-pays helps more people enjoy the benefits of Chiropractic Care. By not having to focus on what the insurance will or will not cover Dr. Amber can focus ALL on patient care. Our office is more like a community, a family and a place people enjoy coming to. Come in and see the difference in our office and become part of the Connect 2 Health family.