"She is compassionate and understanding and puts your needs above everything else."

I’m PREGNANT! My body needs to be in alignment for the birth of our upcoming bundle of joy! I asked my midwife to recommend a chiropractor that was great dealing with pregnant women before and after birth. I stressed that when it came to chiropractors that previously I didn’t have the “best” experience, and I am very picky and skeptical on finding a new one. However, I knew that I needed to find one.She recommended Dr. Amber Smith at Connect 2 Health and told me that she was great with new moms and babies and would even come to the birthing center after the birth to check out not only me but the baby. I called the next day for an appointment.My first visit was great! Everyone was so nice and sincere! I spoke with Dr. Amber regarding my past experience and my current concerns with my body and the new baby. She addressed all my concerns and we started my “adjustments,” which was desperately needed. My sacrum initially was tilted a little, which could have been an issue for the baby coming down the birth canal and caused more pain than it should have. I went twice a week, and at first I could tell a little difference, but THEN the day came where everything clicked. I could feel my bones aligning the way they were meant to and I felt better overall. Even before I would go to my next appointment, I knew when something was not aligned properly.When I go in for an adjustment, I don’t mention to her where I think my body is not in alignment, she feels my neck, spinal cord, and hips and always pinpoints the exact location that’s “out of whack.” Sometimes, during her exam, I hear her say to herself, “there it is.”Dr. Amber is wonderful! She takes time with me and all her patients and focuses on what your body needs specifically at that time rather than just adjusting everyone the same way every time. She is compassionate and understanding and puts your needs above everything else. Not only does she focus on adjusting your body, but she educates you on the importance of proper alignment as well as what happens when your body is not in alignment and the effect it can have on your health and well-being.My body has changed so much over the last few months. I have more energy and don’t seem as uptight as I was at the beginning of the pregnancy. I can tell such an amazing difference from my first visit. I have no doubt that when the baby arrives, that my body will be in proper alignment for our little one! I intend to continue my visits with Dr. Amber and so will out baby. Even though the baby isn’t here yet (and we don’t know the sex), Dr. Amber has made a prediction regarding the sex. Let’s see if she’s right about this also!

-Jennifer R.