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The Safety Pin Cycle

The brain is the master control system to the entire body. Nothing happens in the body without first firing off in the different parts of the brain. The amazing design of the human body has a spinal cord about the size of a pinky finger that houses all the fibers from the brain and it’s the communication highway to every function in the entire body. This is billions and billions of signals every second of every day. How important do you think it is to have this highway so to speak properly communicating? I’d say it is the most important function of the body.

The simple safety pen analogy shows how if that pathway is disconnected in any way you have mis-alignment, mis-communication, un-natural, mal-function and DIS-EASE. The SUBLUXATION is a misalignment of one of the bones in the spine, the misalignment causes a disconnection. As chiropractors we are highly trained to detect and correct the SUBLUXATION, this allows the body to function at 100% and restores health to the body. After over 10 years in practice I have seen miracles upon miracles working with men, women, children and babies.

If you have not been checked for SUBLUXATIONS NOW is the time, why live life at less than 100% function?!?!?