Taking Care of Your Little Athlete

Participation in sports has been on the rise. Let’s face it in Texas sports are very big. It is estimated that three out of four American families with school ages kiddos have at least one playing in an organized sport! Undoubtedly, it’s amazing that kids are more active out on the court and on the field. Rather than being on an iPad or Xbox, but with kids getting into to competitive sports at younger and younger ages, there comes of course the risk of injury.

Reactive vs. Proactive Care

In the US, we’re often reactive when it comes to healthcare – meaning, we will head to the doctor during ear infections or sprained ankle. At Connect 2 Health Chiropractic, one of our goals is to show people the INCREDIBLE benefits of proactive and preventative healthcare. Which is why we encourage families to begin care before experiencing pain or an injury.

Spot an Injury or Weakness Before it is a Problem

Chiropractic is a great tool for preventing long-term health issues, which is why it is crucial kids are seen throughout the season, not just when an injury has occurred. Or even worse, years later when the pain is unbearable.

Have you noticed when a child falls, he or she will just bounce right back up? Often, it is hard to spot an injury in a child with your naked eye and it can remain unseen for years. Subluxations can be silent in the early stages. It can take years to see or feel damage caused by subluxations, and at that point more serious conditions may have developed, like degeneration or bone spurs. This is a HUGE reason why we encourage patients to bring in their children for regular adjustments.

Pinpointing the Problem

Good Chiropractors can also help to locate the problem before it becomes a long-term issue. During school I had the opportunity to work with college athletes during season and their off season. One patient suddenly began experiencing intense ankle pain. During my time with this patient there were a lot of questions asked, health history was thoroughly reviewed, orthopedic exams, and full spine x-rays were taken. With this process, I uncovered the root of his problem; his pelvis. X-rays indicated his overall alignment was affecting his ankles and even his knees. If this situation was not caught when it was, this patient’s injury could have developed into a long-term problem – potentially taking him away from the sport he loved.

As you gear up for the practices and games, find some time to visit us for a spinal evaluation, to keep you at your fullest potential throughout the season and beyond. Your body is your biggest and best asset!