canvas pic.jpg

Life is like a canvas

In the corner of the room lays a giant white canvas stretched across what once was a tall oak tree in the forest. This room dimly lit with dust and dirt covering the walls and the floors, turns into so much more with this blank canvas. The paper now stretched across the wood, once a living form of matter now blank and ready to tell a story of a life, of love, of triumph, of heartache and of course success. What does this canvas tell? What does it whisper in the darkness of the night ? What is the significances of this simple and single blank canvas.

When I look into this canvas I see the untapped potential of us all, the unlimited ability that every single person in society possess. We are all this blank canvas. In this magical moment as I blink my eyes the dust disappears from the room and brushes and paint are in front of me. We all have choices in life and in this moment you can choose to paint a new beginning, a new future, a new reality or keep the old. Every single day that we live we choose each brush stroke we make and each stroke leads to the next always in the purposeful order we need it in. The colors and how we choose to live make a difference. We can choose to live brightly and with all the life and love we can. As I stroke on a vibrant orange and yellow flowing lines like the wind and like the sun rays from millions of miles away. Or we can choose to live is dismay and defeat in the dark and sad colors.

The choice is always up to you.