Always dream BIG

I enjoy the early morning hours of quietness before the world begins to wake. I visualize how the day will go. The people I will serve in my practice and the joy I will feel when using my gift (the chiropractic adjustment) to help change lives. I visualize my goals manifesting daily. I remember back when I was just graduating Chiropractic college I dreamed of a busy family Chiropractic office. I saw in my mind’s eye every detail, the newborns coming in for a first adjustment, the pregnant women, the husbands and generations of families under care. In the present moment (12 years later) I have exactly what I dreamed of. I have an amazing, busy and fun family Chiropractic practice that I absolutely love. I look forward to walking into the office and serving my community every day. I have attracted the best team members to continue building the practice and helping change the community “one spine at a time”. Along the way I have had my share of struggles from personal challenges to me learning how to be the leader God intended me to be. My natural personality is a bit timid, passive and I tend to avoid conflict. Over the last 12 years I have grown tremendously spiritually and stepped into the role of an assertive, compassionate leader in my office and in Chiropractic.

My other dream was always to have a family. Two years ago in June we were blessed with Ryleigh Grace and my world has been a roller coaster ever since but I wouldn’t change a single moment of it. Being a mom has been the biggest challenge, blessing and learning experience of my life. It has helped me so much in understanding what my mom’s in my practice go through and also learning to have grace and patience with myself. The amazing part is I visualized my practice first, it was brought to reality first. In my dreaming I always pictured the family and baby after having an established practice and that is exactly how it worked out.

My big point in this blog is to share a little about myself but also to encourage you to do the following things in your life daily:

1) Dream BIG

2) Stay focused on the positive

3) Write your dreams on paper

4) Visualize and feel the emotions of joy

5) Stay in state of gratitude

6) Act as if you are living the life you dream of

This is one of my daily affirmations:

Dear universe,

Thank you for orchestrating all the details of my life. I know everything happens in perfect order and that my job is to trust in the divineness. I have an abundance of love, time and energy. Love surrounds me and I surround myself with people of high vibrational energy. I am an attractive force for all good things in life and love. My love expands outwardly and everyone I meet can feel it. The vibrational change within myself causes an attraction to all good things around me. The flood gates open and everything and everyone I need just falls into my life. My job is just to see in my mind’s eye what I want, to create the emotions with it and after let go and allow it come into reality. I just enjoy the ride and let the universe handle all the details. So today I am grateful and I let go of any control I think I have and I trust in the power greater than myself.

Written by: Amber Smith D. C.