"I first met Dr. Amber when I came across her booth at the Conroe Catfish Festival."

I first met Dr. Amber when I came across her booth at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival. I had explained to her about my issues and set up an appointment for the following week. Being in the Marine Corps,you don't have time to stop what you're doing and check yourself, either A.) Suck it up and finish the job or B.) Get a Corpsman to feed you Motrin twice daily for two weeks to see if the symptoms reduce. Most cases, we'll visit a doctor when it gets to a point where we can't do our jobs, by then the damage would be done and the next option is either surgery or some sort of rehab with a list of medicines to take all day long. In my case, doctors didn't even know what to do with me. Dr. Amber didn't hesitate to let me know what I needed to do and how long it needed to be done. Since then, I've regained some range of motion with my neck, lower back, hips, and knees to where now I can get out of bed without my body popping in different places. It's not just Dr. Amber that's helped me out, Ms. Wendy, Ms Christina, Ms. Amanda and even Ms. Cathy all helped me out since October and have treated me as part of the family. I can honestly say that I'm glad to be part of the family and look forward to many more years.

~ Tony R.