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The brain is the master control system to the entire body. Nothing happens in the body without first firing off in the different parts of the brain. The amazing design of the human body has a spinal cord about the size of a pinky finger that houses all the fibers from the brain and it’s the communication highway to every function in the entire body. This is billions and billions of signals every second of every day. How important do you think it is to have this highway so to speak properly communicating? I’d say it is the most important function of the body.

The simple safety pen analogy shows how if that pathway is disconnected in any way you have mis-alignment, mis-communication, un-natural, mal-function and DIS-EASE. The SUBLUXATION is a misalignment of one of the bones in the spine, the misalignment causes a disconnection. As chiropractors we are highly trained to detect and correct the SUBLUXATION, this allows the body to function at 100% and restores health to the body. After over 10 years in practice I have seen miracles upon miracles working with men, women, children and babies.

If you have not been checked for SUBLUXATIONS NOW is the time, why live life at less than 100% function?!?!?

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Living in the “NOW” is the single, most important step we can make to improve our present and future lives. We all get wrapped up in our problems, planning and the emotional roller coaster of LIFE. I have noticed that when I am able to focus all my energy on the present moment, my life is so much richer and more vibrant. I’ve found that the key to improving tomorrow starts by living now.

Have you ever been so worried about future events that you can’t even see the joy of your child laughing or feel the connection to your family, friends or spouse? Have you ever been so preoccupied that you completely pass up your exit or feel like you are driving on autopilot? These are signs that you are NOT living in the NOW.

As a mother, wife, chiropractor, and business owner, I am grateful to experience the benefits of living in the now. I’ve learned that the key to a work and home life balance is not based on the amount of time I spend in each part of my life, but rather my ability to be fully present in each part. When I direct my undivided attention to my spouse and daughter, they feel the connection and life is beautiful.

The same holds true in the workplace. When I am serving my patients in the office, I am focused 100% on the one patient I have in front of me. No matter how busy our office is, each patient gets my full attention when I am working with them.

I was introduced to the concept of living a fulfilled life by living in the now when I read the inspiring book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. By learning the tools of being fully present to the moment I am in, I am able to balance all aspects of my life. This book changed my life for the better and I truly believe everyone can benefit from this practice.

Here are two of the key practices that helped me from the book:

Try today to focus on all the good that you have in your life.

Live an attitude of gratitude every morning when you wake up. The more you shift your focus to the beauty and blessing around you the more the beauty will be shifted into your life.